AccessHub SecureGate GT-20 -
AccessHub SecureGate GT-20 -
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SecureZone Backend Engine (Hardware appliance)

AccessHub B.V.
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SecureZone Backend Engine HW - hardware-based SecureZone backend solution which allows creating of highly protected and fully independent SecureZone on own customer's premises. This solution is providing the best protection of root certificates, secret keys and installed applications and services from any kinds of illegal access and cybersecurity threats. It securely implements the AccessHub's Smart Certificate Management technological stack inside of the very well protected hardware environment. 

Supported functionality:

  •    Certificate Authority with self-generated seeds and secret keys 
  •    Certificates Enrollment and Revocation 
  •    Processing of Certificate Signing Requests
  •    Certificate-based strong authentication
  •    Access Rights Management 
  •    VPN server with certificate-based client's authentication
  •    MQTT broker with strong authentication, access control and data       encryption/signing
  •    Digital signing and encryption of firmware and applications
  •    Web interface and RestAPI
  •    Compatible with all kinds of SecureZone Agents
  •    Allows to connect local applications and services as well as remote ones 

Services and applications installed on board (optionally, depends on a configuration):

  • Online Meetings
  • Private messenger
  • Remote Terminals
  • Documents Management
  • Files Sharing

Technical specification:


  • CPU:   Arm® Cortex®-A53
  • RAM memory: 4GB
  • Flash memory: 8GB
  • SSD (depends on a configuration) 
  • Connectivity: GB Ethernet (1xLAN, 1xWAN), WiFi, BLE, LTE 4G (optional), 5G (optional)


  • OS Linux 
  • SecureZone Backend Engine
  • WEB UI
  • VPN Server
  • Firewall
  • Docker
  • SecureZone Services Applications (depends on a configuration) 


  •   SecureBoot
  •   TrustZone
  •   SecureKeys
  •   True Random Number Generator
  •   Crypto accelerators
  •   Secure RTC
  •   Secure RAM

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