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Water Flooding Control (WFC) - an easy-to-deploy solution that uses currently available and legacy devices such as sensors and video cameras (including analogue ones) as trusted data sources to control the current water level in seas, canals, rivers, lakes, etc.


Main features of the WFC solution:

  • Predicts flooding based on a collection of data from sensors and cameras combined with historical data
  • Correlates analysis of different environmental conditions, geographical locations and water levels
  • Provides flood alarms and warning system 
  • Detects people in the flooding areas
  • Provides automatic control of the water management infrastructure such as gates, dams, etc.
  • Offers real-time visual monitoring of the protected areas
  • Creates a national/internationally wide connected network of monitored spots with publicly available API
  • Integrates with SOCs (Security Operations Centers) and SIEMs (Security Information and Event Management)

WFC solution consists of the following components:

AccessHub EdgeGate – a highly protected edge platform for AI/ML/IoT/Blockchain applications to securely connect different legacy equipment like sensors and cameras to the IoT platforms, blockchains and AI-driven applications like Trusted Digital Twins and Water Flooding Control with full respect for sensitive data and privacy protection.

Trusted Digital Twins (TDT) - a framework implementing digital models of some natural, manufacturing and business objects and processes based on real-time and historical information coming from different data sources like video cameras, sensors, scanners, connected devices and others.

Water Flooding Control App – a TDT-based application for the IoT platforms (Siemens MindSphere, AWS, Azure, etc.) that provides monitoring, alarming and prediction of the coming water flooding based on the processing of the real-time data and historical information collected and stored in the IoT platform

Virtual Camera (VC) A secured and trustable digital twin of the real camera. Independent of the network infrastructure. Usable as a source for multiple computer vision engines, turning the camera in multiple data sensors. Offers video stream bandwidth savings. Makes the camera streams available to multiple organizations 


Our competitive advantages:

--- Seamless connection of currently in use/legacy data sources like sensors and video cameras (including analogue ones) to IoT Platforms (Siemens MindSphere, KPN Things, Azure IoT)

--- Up to 5 additional trust layers:

End-to-end encryption
Data signing
Hashing and Anchoring data into DLT (blockchains, fastchains)
Know Your Customer Tokens (KYCT)
Secure Video Tunneling 

--- Edge-level CV/AI components are applied for detecting water level changes, people in the water, etc.

--- Real-time video can be securely monitored from all over the place, be it locally or from multiple other distant locations  

--- Blockchain-based for the data trustworthiness and traceability

--- FIWARE integration, EU curated framework of Open Source Platform components to accelerate the development of Smart Solutions






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