Kategorie: Secure communications with customers and partners

  • Looking for solutions for secure and private communications with customers, colleagues or friends? 
  • Would like to work remotely without any risks to be hacked or compromised?
  • Don't want your personal or corporate information to be accessed or sold without your permission?

      AccessHub provides an essential set of different tools for your digital privacy!

      All tools are available as cost-effective cloud services for SMEs and startups as well as the on-premise solutions for companies with own network infrastructure  

      1. Fully Private Chat Solution with Audio and Video calls

      2, Secure Files Exchange Solution

      3. Protected Video Conferencing

      4. Private VPN Server on Demand



      All solutions consist of SecureZone Agents, AccessHub Engine and SecureZone Services:

      All SecureZone Solutions deploy dedicated XMPP/FTP/VPN servers for the secure connections between different users authorised by the Service Owner

      • No one else can have access to this server or intercept the user's traffic
      • The AccessHub Engine is used to authenticate users and control access rights
      • The full traffic encryption and strong user’s authentication implemented
      • Both WEB and PC clients are supported
      • The server and the history could be destroyed by the service owner at any moment



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