EdgeGate solution for AI/ML/IoT/Blockchain applications is in the final of the Future Industry Hack

Our EdgeGate solution has been selected by the Siemens and Mendix experts for participation in the final round of the Future Industry Hack which will take a place in WorldExpo 2020 in Dubai in February 2022!


What is EdgeGate and how does this solution helps industrial companies to securely and easily connect different modern and even legacy equipment to innovative data-driven services and applications?

In AccessHub, we have been dealing with the manufacturing of our own hardware solutions for more than 15 years. And we were always trying to use the most innovative data-driven applications to manage and improve our manufacturing processes. But we faced some significant issues like the following:

  • Some services and applications are practically useless if there is no evidence of the trustworthy data they are working with

  (warranty management, supply chains, manufacturing assets sharing, etc.)

  • It is very costly and not securely to send raw video streams from the manufacturing sites to cloud-based video surveillance and AI application

  (traffic costs, privacy issues, GDPR, cloud infrastructure costs)

Addressing this challenge, we have developed our own solution for secure data collection, providing data trustworthiness and processing of video on the edge level. This is called the EdgeGate appliance and this is a highly protected edge platform for AI/ML/IoT/Blockchain applications. We consider it as a gateway or bridge from classical manufacturing sites to innovative data-driven services.

Manufacturing companies just need to install the AccessHub EdgeGate – a highly protected edge platform for AI/ML/IoT/Blockchain applications to securely connect different legacy equipment to innovative data-driven services and applications as well as to transform all existing cameras as sensors for IoT applications with full respect for sensitive data and privacy protection.

It provides:

  • Seamless connection to IoT Platforms (Siemens MindSphere, Azure IoT, etc.)
  • Data signing and encryption on-fly
  • Storing of Data/Metadata/Hashes in blockchains
  • Sealing and Verification of data originality, location, time stamps
  • AI and computer vision applications onboard like objects and events detection, user’s authentication, etc
  • Automatic discovering of data sources and video cameras
  • Support of various protocols for data acquisition (MQTT, AMQP, Kafka, etc.)

With NO needs to:

  • Change existing network infrastructure
  • Upgrade legacy equipment
  • Suspend or modify current manufacturing process

We expect that the EdgeGate solution will create a significant impact on:

  • Enabling new technologies for our customers like:
    • Supply chain management
    • Sharing manufacturing resources
    • Environmental control
    • Circular economy
  • Re-using of legacy equipment for new services and applications
  • Safety and security monitoring
  • Fair trading and originality control