AccessHub EdgeGate
AccessHub EdgeGate
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AccessHub EdgeGate

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AccessHub EdgeGate  - a highly protected edge platform for various AI/CV/ML/IoT/Blockchain applications allows discovering, onboarding, managing and secure connecting of different existing and new equipment like sensors and video cameras to the IoT platforms, blockchains and AI-driven applications like Trusted Digital Twins and Water Flooding Control with full respect for sensitive data and privacy protection

  • Seamless connection of currently in use/legacy data sources (including digital and analogue video cameras) to IoT Platforms (Siemens MindSphere, KPN Things, Azure IoT, etc.)
  • CV and AI components onboard, including Edge Changes, Similarity Assessment, Precense detection, Face Recognition, Objects and People Identification
  • Up to 5 additional trust layers:
    • End-to-end data encryption
    • Data signing
    • Hashing and Anchoring data into DLT (blockchains, fastchains)
    • Know Your Customer Tokens (KYCT)
    • Secure Video Tunneling 
  • Camera as a Sensor provides the detection of different events and objects in video streams onboard without the need to expose video outside of the system
  • Virtual Camera agent allows you to create as many digital twins of your cameras as you want and have access to them from any point in the world. Connect  cameras twins to external VMS and AI services and protect your physical cameras 
  • Fleet management. Monitor, manage and upgrade all your devices, sensors and cameras via a single dashboard
  • Blockchain agent for the data trustworthiness and traceability. Calculates hash values for all collected data and sends it to different public and private blockchains for the further verification 
  • FIWARE integration, EU curated framework of Open Source Platform components to accelerate the development of Smart Solutions
  • SecureZone Agent for the certificate and keys management 
  • SecureZone VPN client for the remote connection to the EdgeGate from any point in a world

Application and use cases:

  • Trusted Digital Twins 
  • Water Flooding Control
  • Medicines and Vaccines lifecycle control 
  • Originality tracking of manufacturing operations and components
  • Virtual Cameras
  • Road Cameras Monitoring and accidents detection

Technical specification:


  • CPU:   Arm® Cortex®-A53
  • RAM memory: 4GB
  • Flash memory: 8GB
  • Connectivity: GB Ethernet (1xLAN, 1xWAN)


  • WiFi, BLE, LTE/4G, 5G 
  • SSD 
  • Coral


    •   SecureBoot
    •   TrustZone
    •   SecureKeys
    •   True Random Number Generator
    •   Crypto accelerators
    •   Secure RTC
    •   Secure RAM 

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