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Why Online Meetings in SecureZone?

This solution allows our customers to easily create video conferences and audio calls with one or many participants from different points in a world without any risks to be compromised, recorded or hijacked even if the untrusted internet connection is in use. You will get all benefits of the SecureZone including:

-- Your own Video Conference server based on time-proven open-source solutions
-- Video and Audio calls, Online Chat, Screen Sharing, Lobby
-- Unlimited meeting rooms
-- Virtual and Hardware Private Servers are available
-- Multi-Factor Authentication
-- Strong Access Control
-- Double encryption of connections
-- From 10 simultaneous connections
-- Choice from 8 locations in different countries
-- Optional hardware-backed protection of user's credentials

How to install Online Meetings?

1. The fastest and cost-effective way is to Create your virtual Online Meeting Server in a few clicks 
Or, if you want to achieve the highest level of privacy and security, you can Buy your own SecureZone hardware engine and install it on your premises
2. Grant access rights to your colleagues/partners/customers/friends. Look at our manuals how to do that

3. All SecureZone users must have one of the SecureZone Agents installed. You can download the software SecureZone Agent for free
Or, if you want to achieve the highest level of privacy and security, you can buy one of the hardware SecureZone Agent

4. Install and Run your agent and connect to your server



5. Enter the name of the meeting room (you can use any name or ID) and click Go


6. Set up your preferences: name, camera, speaker and microphone. Join the meeting!  


7. Enjoy the fully private and protected environment for your conversations! Feel free to securely share your screen, use a chat and many other features. You are a master of your data!


Would you like to test Online Meetings for first?

No problem! Send us a request to get a test server. We will send you a 100% discount code for 1-day plan completely free of charge and without any obligations! 


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