Trusted Digital Twins

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AccessHub EdgeGate

A highly protected edge-level appliance for AI/ML/IoT/Blockchain applications

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Trusted Digital Twins, Protected Messenger, Online Meetings, Documents Management, Secure Files Exchange, Dedicated VPN, Remote Desktops and Connected Devices, Digital Notary

All SecureZone solutions provide:

--Dedicated Protected Server--Multi-level Data Encryption -- VPN Access from Everywhere --Strong Access Control ---- Multi-factor Authentication --- Protected Clients for All Platforms --- Full Customer's Control over Data -- Open Source Solutions Only

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Remote Collaboration

Essential and cost-effective solution for the internal collaboration for teams and startups distributed geographically and companies with remote working employees

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Water Flooding Control

Detect, predict and prevent water flooding by converting existing and even legacy equipment like sensors, video cameras and connected devices into trusted and valuable data sources for AI/CV and IoT applications and services

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Smart Travellers

Individual and business travellers who want to have easy and secure access to personal, social and corporate resources and digital assets from any point in the world   

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