Create your own SecureZone!

Unlimited experience of secure business communications

- Access Control and Strong Authentication with NO passwords

- Double Encryption

- Private Protected Server for each service (BYOS)

- Fully automated certificate management

- Zero Knowledge

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Colleagues and Customers

Chat and talk confidentially

Make encrypted audio and video calls 

Share and exchange files securely

Work remotely from everywhere

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Devices and Machines

Control and manage assets remotely

Perform software updates and maintaining securely

Secure MQTT exchange

Implement blockchains and smart contracts 

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Digital Assets and Resources

Corporate and business portals

Financial and banking services

Remote desktops and servers

Connected devices and smart equipment 

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SecureZone for Manufacturing and IoT

AccessHub provides manufacturing companies of different sizes with a truly secure and easy of use solution for remote maintenance, data protection, strong authentication and access control to digital assets, on-line resources and connected devices

AccessHub SecureGate GT20

Innovative solution for secure communications with remote devices without any changes of an existing network infrastructure 

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