Are you still using global platforms for personal and business communications?

Do you know who else has access to your information?

Are you fully confident that you are a real owner of your data?

Who and how does take care of your privacy and security?

Do you know that your valuable data can be already on the street?

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Remote Collaboration

Essential and cost-effective solution for the internal collaboration for teams and startups distributed geographically and companies with remote working employees

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Trusted Business Relations

Necessary solution for finance, legal and healthcare professionals who really appreciate the trust of their own customers and take care of the protection of the private and sensitive information

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Smart Travellers

Individual and business travellers who want to have easy and secure access to personal, social and corporate resources and digital assets from any point in the world   

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SecureZone for Manufacturing and IoT

AccessHub solutions help our customers to protect connected assets from cyber threats and fast and securely connect to different Industry 4.0 applications and digital services with

- NO need to change the existing infrastructure

- NO need to upgrade the legacy equipment

- NO need to suspend the manufacturing process 

AccessHub SecureGates GT20 and GT40

Innovative solution for secure communications with remote devices without any changes of an existing network infrastructure 

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