Collection: SecureZone for Smart Manufacturing and Industrial IoT

What prevents manufacturing companies from introducing new digital solutions and technologies?

There are few millions of manufacturing enterprises in the EU but not more than 10% of them are using new data-driven technologies and solutions due to:

  • Innovative manufacture development is delayed mostly due to risks associated with information security of manufacturing and generated data during manufacturing, or processes monitoring
  • Apart from that new data-driven Industry 4.0 methods for manufacturing, new solutions for data integrity, protection and security are required
  • Manufacturing companies could significantly drop the cost using remote management and offshore sites, but the task of protected remote connections, risk-free monitoring, and data exchange security should be solved by an easy and cost-effective solution
  • The implementation of most of the Industry 4.0 solutions is requiring serious changes in the existing infrastructure, upgrade or change over of manufacturing equipment

Our solutions for Smart Manufacturing

AccessHub helps industrial companies to easily introduce new data-driven services and Industry 4.0 applications into an existing manufacturing process and get a lot of benefits of the Smart Manufacturing like:

  • significant costs reduction and the process optimization 
  • new business models and sources of the revenue
  • more control over supply chains and production tracking
  • 24/7 remote access to manufacturing assets from any point in a world
  • remote learning/training of employees and customers

Our main solution is the SecureZone for Smart Manufacturing. This is a platform which provides our industrial customers with an ability to easily and cost-effectively connect new and legacy production equipment to different data-driven digital services like remote control and maintenance, smart contracts, blockchains,  smart SCADA, secure MQTT, smart metering and others. With NO need to:

  • change existing infrastructure
  • suspend or change the manufacturing process
  • upgrade legacy equipment
  • invest in cybersecurity

smart manufacturing

How to connect to the SecureZone for Smart Manufacturing?  

The easiest way is to install one of the AccessHub SecureGate (GT20 or GT40) in the same local area network with manufacturing equipment. SecureGates are well-protected hardware appliances with a pre-integrated SecureZone Agent software.


It is also possible to install AccessHub middleware into your own equipment (contact our support team for more details). Then you need to link this appliance with one of your SecureZone Digital Services in your AccessHub's account or with your own SecureZone Backend Engine appliance 

This will already allow you to have secure remote access to any devices which are in the same local network with this appliance via different protocols and interfaces: SSH, VNC, RDP, VPN, RTSP, etc from any point in a world and even via untrusted networks. You can also manage access rights for your employees and customers. 

secure remote maintenance

In order to get all benefits of the SecureZone like blockchains, smart SCADA, etc, you need to set up the SecureGate as MQTT broker, CoAP or RestAPI server for the local devices generating data and connect this SecureGate to appropriate service in your SecureZone account or in your own SecureZone Engine appliance. Then SecureGate will be receiving all information from the connected data sources via one of the standard IoT protocols, encrypt (if necessary), sign and send it to one of SecureZone Digital Services for the further processing via the protected channel

blockchains smart contracts scada

This will allow you to get all benefits of SecureZone digital services and implement innovative data-driven approaches:

  • Blockchains and smart contracts
  • Smart SCADA
  • Secured and fully controlled remote maintenance of manufacturing assets and connected devices,
  • Real-time encryption and digital signing of data transferring by local devices and sensors (blockchains/smart contracts ready)
  • Secured MQTT implementation with strong authentication, access control and data encryption
  • Industrial VPN implementation on top of any existing network infrastructure

Why SecureZone from AccessHub?

  • All AccessHub’s solutions are based on its own ‘Smart Certificate Management’ technological stack which includes both backend (SecureZone Engine) and client (SecureZone Agents) sides
  • Digital certificates are used for mutual authentication, access management, data and firmware encryption and signing
  • Private keys are generated randomly and never leaves the secured hardware-backed keys storage
  • For the protection of the keys, we use the sophisticated combination of hardware (where applicable) and software methods
  • Fully automated and secured certificates life cycle provided (inc. generation, enrolment, revocation, etc.)


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