Collection: Create your own SecureZone - be a real Master of your data!

For many of us, data and communications have become their most valuable asset: business data, customer data, personal data and other sensitive information. And that becomes even more important when a lot of people start working from home, in the office and all over the world...

But what about vulnerabilities like hacking, social engineering, hijacking, eavesdropping, stealing, espionage, legal challenges and more scaring words? 

And the very big question is if we can trust to global and central managed services we use for our chats, audio and video call, online conferences and documents management. Do we exactly know where are our information stored and who can access it? 

Do you for instance know where Zoom's and other popular conference servers are located and whether they are not listening in? And Dropbox, and Google Apps? And why does Salesforce buy Slack for a huge amount? And can we really trust any central-hosted and corporates-controlled services like Facebook and Whatsapp, Telegram and Signal, Google or even Microsoft with our most important asset, your company and personal data? And what is the role of different countries and local authorities in this?

On the other hand, there are a lot of amazing open-source solutions which are working well and guaranteed free from any back-doors and malware. But this is always a big challenge on how to install, set them properly up and protect from all potential threats and cybersecurity risks   

AccessHub helps customers to create their own SecureZone and become real owners of their sensitive information and communications channels. The SecureZone is a well-protected, isolated and fully owner-controlled environment which can be deployed on top of any existing networking infrastructure and untrusted internet connections. This allows our customers to easily and securely deploy different open-source solutions and services inside of the highly protected environment with no needs to have special knowledge or hire IT and cybersecurity experts. It is possible to deploy the SecureZone on its own customer's premises using one of our secured appliances or to use one of our cloud-based services like: 

  • Document Management System
  • Online Meetings
  • Remote Terminals Connections 
  • Private Messenger with Audio and Video calls
  • Secure Files Sharing
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    How to create own SecureZone?

    There are different options to create your own SecureZone. The easiest and most cost-effective way is to visit AccessHub Market Place and make a choice of required SecureZone Cloud Services, configure service's options like tariff plans, locations and number of simultaneous connections. The configured server will be created and deployed automatically in a few minutes.

                                                     VISIT AccessHub Market Place

    Then it is possible to connect users to this service. All connected users must have one of SecureZone Agent installed to be able to use the SecureZone Service.     

                                                    DOWNLOAD SecureZone Agent


                                                      BUY SecureZone USB Agent

    For those who want to create and control an absolutely independent SecureZone, we advise to get one of our protected appliances with SecureZone Engine installed. This appliance can be set up on the customer's premises. 

                                                        BUY SecureZone Engine  


    Why do users need to install the SecureZone Agent?

    All of AccessHub’s solutions are based on the smart usage of digital certificates. This provides our customers with the highest security level for the user's authentication and data/channels protection. The secure agents are required to solve the following tasks:

    • Strong protection for the user’s secret keys
    • Full Automation of the management of digital certificates including generation, enrolment and revocation
    • Securing and automation for the user’s authentication, remote connections, data encryption and signing


    Is the SecureZone really ‘secure’?

    • Not possible to steal user's passwords. Secure Zone implements strong user's authentication based on personal certificates. All certificate's secret keys are always inside of the isolated and protected environment of SecureZone Agents. No passwords - no phishing, no social engineering, no other password-cracking methods feasible
    • Not possible to intercept, sniff or snoop the user's traffic even with the public WiFi network in use. SecureZone implements a double encryption method with two independent encryption layers - VPN and SSL
    • Not possible to get unauthorized access to user's data transferred over the server. SecureZone creates a new private virtual server for each customer's new service. This server is well-protected and manageable by the service owner only. All private servers are automatically destroyed without any records when the subscription expires
    • Zero-Knowledge approach. SecureZone provides customers only with a set of essential tools to create secure communications and protect data and privacy but SecureZone never has access to the customer's data and information itself



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