Collection: Secure Remote communications with Devices and Machines

Looking for solutions for
      • Highly secured and fully controlled remote access to digital services, computers and connected devices based in local area networks without any changes of the network structure and settings
      • “On-Fly” encryption and signing of data transferred from local devices and sensors
      • Secured MQTT implementation with certificate-based mutual authentication, access control, encryption and signing of the payload

Have in mind following possible application and use-cases:

  • Direct remote access to local IP-cameras
  • Real-time monitoring of connected devices and sensors
  • Remote devices maintaining and firmware update (OTA)
  • MQTT and LoRaWan
  • VPN gateway
  • Voice communications
  • Alarm and warning system

Major Cybersecurity Challenges in Industry 4.0/SCADA/IIoT projects:

Strong Mutual Authentication, Data Encryption and Digital Signing are required and mandatory to prevent and mitigate most of the cybersecurity risks,  but this is not enough since the following functionality should be also established:

  • Truly random private keys generation inside all connected devices
  • Keys protection from illegal access, usage and different threats incl. tamper resistance
  • Integrity and authenticity of the firmware
  • Fully automated certificates management (CSR processing, Enrolment, Revocation, Renewal, etc.)
  • Strong mutual authentication of all devices, people and platforms
  • Adaptive encryption and signing algorithms (military-grade vs lightweight)
  • Blockchains and SmartContracts compatibility
  • Secure firmware update
  • GDPR compliant

AccessHub addresses all these challenges and more with innovative highly-secured solutions for Industry 4.0, IIoT and SCADA systems

AccessHub presents SecureGate GT-20 - Protected hardware appliance with a pre-integrated AccessHub Agent to implement the following use cases:

1. Secure MQTT exchange   

Secure MQTT  


 2. Remote devices and machines monitoring and maintenance 


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