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How to gain the trust of customers and partners?

For any type of companies, customer trust is one of the crucial conditions for successful business development. This is especially important for companies dealing with personal, corporate or any other sort of sensitive information of their clients. If your company provides various products and services in the financial, legal or medical industries, then you probably know how important it is to have reliable and secured channels of communication with your customers and how important it is to pay special attention to the protection of the exchange and management of your customers' data.

Also, if your company works with clients from some countries, you need to comply with the local regulations and legislations regarding the management and protection of personal data. For instance, if your company provides services or sells products to customers from the countries of the European Union, you need to implement and follow a whole range of measures defined by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Failure to comply with these rules and laws can lead to serious business consequences such as huge fines, work bans and loss of reputation.

However, in many cases, you are still using third-party cloud solutions to interact and exchange data with your customers and partners, such as global platforms and services for video conferencing, messaging, file sharing and document collaboration. Of course, these solutions are popular and convenient and in some cases even free of charges. But:

  • Do they really satisfy all the requirements of the legislation, such as the GDPR?
  • Do you know exactly in which countries/cities/legal entities there are copies of all the data you exchange with your customers?
  • Do you know who else has access to your documents, files or conversations?

And finally, can your clients really trust you as a professional in the industry if you don't care about the security of their confidential data that they share with you?

Reality check with available market solutions

Can you be a Master of your Data when you are a customer of major global platforms for private/business communications and data exchange? Definitely not. These platforms are using centrally managed and shared hosting solutions for many customers and their data. All audio and video communications with friends, partner, colleagues, customers and more are routed via those platforms. You are never perfectly sure that no one else has access to this data and what they may do with it. Regrettably, this is all just a black box for you.

Protected against external threats?  The digital world is getting more insecure by the day. Cybercrime threats from all kinds of dubious sources are exploding. Of course, logging into your data with solely a password is looking for trouble. And using not secured communication solutions, like untrusted internet connections and public WiFi, could also mean serious problems.

How about your legal rights? Most service providers today are mainly taking care of the simplification of the user’s experience but lack to take responsibility for the protection of your data. That should not be a surprise, it’s all there in their unfairly unbalanced user agreements and policies.


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How to become a Master of your Data?        

AccessHub B.V. is a highly specialized company that enables you to really become Master of your Data. The AccessHub SecureZone services suite provides the ultimate integration of smart certificates based data protection technology combined with carefully selected open-source solution based functionality. 

Creating your own data environment is king. So, if you really want to be a ‘Master of your Data’ you absolutely need to create your own environment for digital communications and data management. And never ever trust global profit or non-profit platforms. Nowadays, there are a lot of amazing open-source solutions that fulfil any of your requirements of mastering your data in terms of data management, secure digital communications on your premises or even on your virtual private servers. The beauty of open-source solutions by default is that they are free from any backdoors and malware. 

dedicated servers for services

AccessHub provides companies which are dealing with the sensitive information of their own clients with an essential set of solutions for the real control and protection of data management and communication channels with customers and partners. SecureZone solutions help you to gain the trust of your customers and fulfil all legal requirements and regulations.   

The SecureZone suite includes the following services:

The SecureZone solution

SecureZone in practice. The first step in mastering your data with SecureZone is to download the dedicated agent software onto your device. Then create the personal certificate in a few simple steps, or even better, link it to a SecureZone dongle with the certificate inside.  And then just subscribe to any communication or collaboration services that cover your requirements or install your own SecureZone Engine appliance. Next invite your employees, colleagues, friends and more to do the same and join your SecureZone communities. And maybe connect to less protected external or legacy services via a SecureGate device.

SecureZone fundamentals. SecureZone is a carefully designed suite of solutions with privacy in mind and consisting of highly secure data communication and collaboration components that are fully under your control and protect your most valuable asset, your data. All SecureZone components are dedicated to you and under your control, even servers providing services anywhere in the cloud. SecureZone provides fully protected and customer-controlled services for your digital meetings, chats, collaboration, remote access and virtual private network connections,

AccessHub design principles:

  • Dedicated virtual or hardware servers are newly created for each and any new customer (even for 1-day plans) and destroyed automatically when the subscription is over
  • Strong multifactor authentication is always in a place. Social engineering and other fraud technics don’t work any more
  • Double encryption for all connections. Feel free to securely use it with any internet connection at any location in the world
  • Certificate-based access control for any service. You always truly know who has access
  • Hardware-baked protection of credentials. The price of hacking is extremely high
  • Zero-knowledge approach. You are always the only single owner of your data   


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