Collezione: SecureZone for Business Communications

AccessHub provides customers with a truly secure and easy of use solution for remote communications, strong authentication and access control to digital assets, on-line resources and connected devices without passwords, complicated setting and involvement of any public services

AccessHub helps companies to create their own SecureZone – well-protected, isolated and fully controlled environment on top of any existing infrastructure. It includes different services required for the protected communications with employees, customers and executives from everywhere:

  • Private VPN-on-Demand 
  • Secure Remote Connections from any browser
  • Private Messenger with Audio and Video calls
  • Secure File Transferring and Storage
  • Private Video Conference Solution

How can I create my own SecureZone?

First of all, you need to have your own SecureZone Agent. Once you have one agent, you can generate your personal certificate and use it for the access to your private account from any browser. There you can easily manage your own SecureZone Services - create and terminate different services, select locations and numbers of connections, grant and revoke access rights, request for SecureZone Mobile Agents and many other. 


Why do I need the Secure Agent?

solution is based on the smart usage of digital certificates. This provides our customers with the highest security level for the user's authentication and data/channels protection. The secure agents are required to solve the following tasks:

  • Strong protection for the user’s secret keys
  • Full Automation of the management of digital certificates including generation, enrolment and revocation
  • Securing and automation for the user’s authentication, remote connections, data encryption and signing

Why is it secure?

Not possible to steal user's passwords. Secure Zone implements strong user's authentication based on personal certificates. All certificate's secret keys are always inside of the isolated and protected environment of SecureZone Agents. No passwords - no phishing, no social engineering, no other password-cracking methods feasible

Not possible to intercept, sniff or snoop the user's traffic even if the public WiFi network in use. SecureZone implements a double encryption method with two independent encryption layers - VPN and SSL

Not possible to get unauthorised access to user's data transferred over the server. SecureZone creates a new private virtual server for each customer's new service. This server is well-protected and manageable by the service owner only. All private servers are automatically destroyed without any records when the subscription expires

Zero-Knowledge approach. SecureZone provides customers only with a set of essential tools to create secure communications and protect data and privacy but SecureZone never has access to the customer's data and information itself


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