Collezione: SecureZone for Digital Manufacturing

Main digital issues of manufacturing companies:

  • Innovative manufacture development is delayed mostly due to risks associated with information security of manufacturing and generated data during manufacturing, or processes monitoring
  • Manufacturing companies could significantly drop the cost using offshore sites, but the task of safe remote connection, risk-free monitoring, and data exchange security should be solved by an easy and cost-effective solution
  • Apart from the new data-driven methods for manufacturing, new solutions for data integrity, protection and security are required
  • Most of the existing cybersecurity solutions are requiring serious changes in the existing infrastructure, upgrade or change over of manufacturing equipment

Our Value Proposition:

AccessHub provides manufacturing companies of different sizes with a truly secure and easy of use solution for remote maintenance, data protection, strong authentication and access control to digital assets, on-line resources and connected devices without  needs to change existing infrastructure, upgrade legacy equipment and heavily invest in cybersecurity

Manufacturing companies just need to install the AccessHub SecureGate (GT20 or GT40) - protected hardware appliances with a pre-integrated AccessHub Agent software, to get following benefits of SecureZone digital services and implement innovative data-driven approaches:

  • Secured and fully controlled remote maintenance of manufacturing assets and connected devices
  • Real-time encryption and digital signing of data transferring by local devices and sensors (blockchains/smart contracts ready)
  • Secured MQTT implementation with strong authentication, access control and data encryption
  • Industrial VPN implementation on top of any existing network infrastructure

With NO needs:

  • To change existing network infrastructure
  • To upgrade legacy equipment
  • To use 3rd party resources and service
  • To suspend or change the manufacturing process



    Supported applications and use-cases:


    • Remote devices maintenance and firmware update (OTA)
    • Real-time monitoring of connected devices and sensors
    • Secured MQTT and LoRaWan implementation
    • Industrial VPN
    • Remote access to local IP-cameras and sensors  
    • Protected Voice communications
    • Alarm and warning system
    • Blockchains and smart contracts
    • Digital signature for smart measures and control commands



    Use case. Secure MQTT implementation   

    Secure MQTT  


     Use case. Remote devices and machines monitoring and maintenance 


    2 prodotti
    • SecureZone Backend Engine
    • AccessHub EdgeGate