Colección: Secure Remote Connections to Servers, Desktops, Smart Devices

  • Would you like to keep and manage all your remote connections from one place?
  • Don't trust passwords?
  • Want to have access to your RDP/VNC/SSH connections from any browser?
  • Don't trust your computer?
  • Would you like to enjoy really secure Single Sign-On solution with no passwords?
  • Would you like to implement a strong password-free user's authentication on your WEB-site but you are scared by the complexity of this task?    

    AccessHub provides an essential set of different tools for your secure remote connections!

    All tools are available as cost-effective cloud services for SMEs and startups as well as the on-premise solutions for companies with own network infrastructure  

    1. Secure Remote Connections in any browser

    • This solution implements a client-less remote desktop gateway. It supports standard protocols like VNC, RDP and SSH with unlimited connections of services and devices
    • Only SecureZone Agent and any HTML5 browser are required ensuring secured access to remote computers, servers or device
    • The full traffic encryption and strong user’s authentication are in place
    • Various connections and users are supported by one appliance

     2. PasswordFree Single Sign-On (*)

    • This solution implements a property of access control of multiple remote systems without any passwords. With this property, a user logs in with a personal certificate to gain access to a connected system
    • It doesn’t require to support certificate-based authentication by the connected system. But at least one of identity protocols like SAML, OAuth2 or OpenID Connect must be implemented on a server-side 
    • The personal certificate is fully controlled by the AH secure client. This certificate is used for the strong user’s authentication on the intermediate PasswordFree SSO server. Then this server authenticates a user on the remote system

    3, Strong PasswordFree user's authentication and access control for any WEB site or digital resource (*)

    • This solution allows customers to implement strong certificate-based user's authentication and  access control for practically any WEB-resource or digital service with a just few minor changes on the server-side  


    * This solution is coming soon. Please contact us for more information!


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