EdgeGate 5G solution has been selected to participate in the Do IoT Fieldlab!

We are very proud that the qualified jury selected our EdgeGate 5G solution to participate in the Do IoT Fieldlab (https://lnkd.in/emFte8R2) project! AccessHub also received a voucher for 5G innovation in South Holland, which covers part of the project's cost. This is an excellent opportunity for us and our partners from EdgewaySmarDTV CorporationAlpha Z TechnologiesMCS BeneluxTNOSURF to explore the advantages and limitations of 5G technology in solving practical problems and implement a number of IoT/AI/ML/ Blockchain use-cases such as 'Water Flooding Control', 'Originality Tracking', 'Virtual cameras'.

Within the project, it is planned to explore the possibilities and options of implementing 5G connectivity for our EdgeGate devices, study the architecture and features of private and public 5G networks, and determine the main characteristics and limitations of using 5G in a real IoT world, and implement one or more use-cases of EdgeGate 5G and Trusted Digital Twins using test 5G facilities provided by Do IoT Fieldlab (https://lnkd.in/eWmHp7Wb).

AccessHub EdgeGate – a highly protected edge platform for AI/ML/IoT/Blockchain applications to securely connect different legacy equipment to innovative data-driven services and applications as well as to transform all existing cameras as sensors for IoT applications with full respect for sensitive data and privacy protection. 
AccessHub Trusted Digital Twin (TDT) - a framework implementing the digital model of some natural, manufacturing and business objects and processes based on the real-time and historical information coming from different data sources like video cameras, sensors, scanners, connected devices and others.